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Praying Bold Prayers: How to walk confidently in your Lifes Purpose

Praying Bold Prayers: How to walk confidently in your Lifes Purpose

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This book is filled with 10 Powerful Prayers that show you how to walk confidently in your lifes purpose.  Each prayer is supported with affirmations, declarations, scriptures and practical application (Next Steps) guidance for you.

Here are a few of the prayers that are inside of this book:

Section I- Vision

Prayer #1: Prayer for mental clarity and direction

Prayer #2: Prayer for confidence

Prayer #3: Prayer for the right relationships (friendships / divine connections)

Prayer #4: Your greatest work can come from a tight space

Prayer #5: Prayer for changing my language and speaking life over myself


Prayer #6: Confronting the secret enemy of the mind and imposter syndrome

Prayer #7: Prayer for the Vision that is in alignment with your Will for my life. I see it and I believe it: Write the Vision and make it plain

Prayer #8: Making my gifts plain so I can fully operate in them

Prayer #9: Believing that God is real in my life and understanding the power of salvation

Prayer #10: Don’t despise small beginnings: how small simple steps can create big payoffs

Grab a copy now for you and a friend, and begin experiencing major shifts with how you pray and how God moves in your life!

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