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PRESELL: PBP over your Finances (Book Only)

PRESELL: PBP over your Finances (Book Only)

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🔥 Official Release Date: August 15, 2024

We are super excited to announce that our 2nd Release is officially in the works, Praying Bold Prayers over your Finances.  We are opening up the door for Pre-Sells so that you can officially be listed in our book as a Praying Bold Prayers Partner. 

There are currently 200 spots available and all PBP Partners who purchase the pre-sell of the book, you will also get several bonuses (to be announced) and an invite to our Launch Party 🎉🎉🎉!

Here are a list of Topics & Prayers we will be covering in the book:

  1. Remove any limiting beliefs I have about money
    1. To understand that money is a tool
    2. Money is an employee not an employer
    3. That God owns everything, we’re just being entrusted to manage what He’s already put in place and what He already owns
  2. Purge me from religious myths that taught me that abundance, prosperity and wealth is a sin and teach me how to live the abundant life you promised me in your word 
  3. Help me change my relationship with money (and learn that money is a tool not a being)
  4. Show me how to align my life with your assignment, so that I can be prepared, positioned and ready to use the abundance of wealth to move the assignment forward
  5. Trusting you as my source and break the spirit of worshiping money off of my life

There's so much awesome-ness being covered in this book. You will definitely want to lock in your copy ASAP!

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